3 Useful Chrome Extensions To Capture Screenshot Of A Webpage

When you reach the limit, a block goes into place. That means you still get to check your feed now and then, just not for too long or too often. You can set Google Chrome focus time and also block websites during those focused, deep work sessions. The BlockSite add-on icon is displayed at the top-right of the Firefox window. Click the icon, then click Agree to allow BlockSite to detect and block adult content web pages.

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  • You can either save it as a PDF document or as a PNG image.

For personal blocking, an extension should suffice. But to keep your kids safe, we recommend blocking websites at the router level. Some combination of these tools will let you shut off access to any sites you wish. Unfortunately, a problem with all blocking extensions is that you can remove them in seconds. Chrome provides no way to “lock” an extension, probably to prevent abuse from hijackers.

Take Screenshot In Firefox Private Mode

Whether it is to store an important piece of information, preserving a moment on the video calls, or capture the screen to get some help from the support. While it is so easy to take screenshots on our smartphones, the same does not apply to desktops. Especially when it comes to print a particular section of the screen, or a full-page screenshot of the webpage.

How To Take Full Page Screenshots In Chrome Without Extensions

For further editing features like crop an image on Mac, you can refer to this page. To capture the selected region of Chrome page, left-click and hold your mouse and move it to draw the rectangular shape of the webpage on Chrome. To capture the whole window of Chrome webpage, you just need to move and hove your mouse over it and left-click it to take a screenshot. Take a screenshot of full-page, window, selected region, etc.

Google Chrome Versions

Now click on the triangle next to Restore settings to their original defaults. This will open a pop-up window asking Reset settings? Click on the Reset settings tab to reset your Chrome browser settings.

You can set the number of days StayFocusd will monitor and restrict your browsing activity. This also includes the time you can spend per day on time-wasting websites. Another handy feature is the Nuclear option that restricts access to any blocked website even if you have not surpassed the time limit. With this, you can specify the number of hours you want to have access blocked. As the extension is installed, open extension settings and then add the websites you want to block. Additionally, check the “Enable Authentication” box and set the password to block access to the settings page.

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